Georgia C. Elliott

Georgia and Benjamin Franklin Elliott

Georgia (Cook) Elliott was born May 30, 1869, in Iowa. She became a worker at the Gospel Trumpet publishing office in Grand Junction, Michigan before the death of D. S. Warner. After his death in December, 1895, she finished writing the words of “The Last Hymn,” which he had started writing but did not live to finish. The hymn is now #260 in the Evening Light Songs hymnal. She also wrote the words of song #219, “Learning of My Savior,” and #462, “Some Day,” in Evening Light Songs, as well as the words of #23, “He Knows,” in the songbook, Salvation Echoes, published by the Gospel Trumpet Company in 1900.

About the year 1894, Georgia married Benjamin Franklin Elliott, a widower who was engaged in mission work San Diego and in Baja California, Mexico. B. F. Elliott had a young son, named Clark, who had been staying at the Gospel Trumpet home in Michigan, where Georgia worked, and was being schooled there. B. F. Elliott writes as follows concerning the Lord providing him a wife and a mother for his young son: “… It pleased the Lord to begin to fulfill the promise in me made in Isaiah 60:4: ‘Thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed by thy side.’ Not only did He bring my son from far but he also brought with him a mother for the boy and a wife and companion for me. I will not go into the particulars as to how it was all brought about but sufficient to say, step by step was ordered in the Lord and in His own time and in His own way it was all brought to pass while we continually waited upon Him. It truly was a great day of thanksgiving to God on my part when they arrived in San Diego. We were married in San Diego in a humble little Mission where I had been working for a while in the Spanish work.”

“The Elliotts then spent 15 years printing and distributing tracts and papers in Spanish. In 1913, after the political revolution of 1910 forced them from Mexico to El Paso, Texas, they relocated to Los Angeles, California, where for 13 years, up to the time of his death (August 17,1926), they continued their evangelistic and printing ministries.” — A quote from “Missionary of God,” by Maurice Caldwell.

Georgia Elliott departed this life on March 19, 1961, in Los Angeles, California.