Enoch E. Byrum

E. E. Byrum

Enoch Edwin Byrum was born October 13, 1861 in Randolph County, Indiana to Eli Winslow and Lucinda (Fields) Byrum.

Lucinda Byrum, mother of E. E. Byrum

In June 1887 he was invited by D. S. Warner to “accept the position as publisher and business manager of the Gospel Trumpet publishing work at Grand Junction, Michigan.” After earnest prayer and consideration, he accepted this invitation and entered a career that was to shape the rest of his life.

There were two consecrated young ladies working at the Gospel Trumpet office when E. E. Byrum arrived to fill this position. They were Celia Kilpatrick and Rhoda Keagy. Approximately nine months later, Byrum was united in marriage to Celia Kilpatrick on March 4, 1888. Sadly, Celia died December 11, 1888, only nine months after their marriage.

E. E. Byrum’s first wife Celia with her friend and co-worker (and his second wife), Rhoda.

On June 29, 1889, Byrum married Rhoda Keagy, former friend and co-worker of his deceased wife, Celia. Rhoda bore him five daughters and one son.

After D. S. Warner‘s death in 1895, Byrum became Editor-in-Chief of the Gospel Trumpet and served in that capacity until the year 1916. Besides his continuous editorials and articles, E. E. Byrum authored several books, one of his earliest being titled “The Secret of Salvation.” He was not a gifted poet or songwriter, but he did write the words to, and assisted B. E. Warren with the music of, one song, “I Am Healed,” #309 in Evening Light Songs. One of his special ministerial burdens was the doctrine of divine healing. He was a man of great faith in God’s power to heal. Many notable miracles and healings happened in answer to his prayers.

Rhoda Byrum with daughter Mable

Rhoda (Keagy) Byrum was born April 11, 1869. She was one of the early consecrated workers at the Gospel Trumpet office, having worked there for some time before her husband-to-be arrived in 1887. In this picture she is holding their daughter Mable. Rhoda wrote the harmony to Evening Light Songs #376, “Heavenly Welcome.” She also wrote both words and music to “Penitence,” a song published in Truth in Song, 1907. Rhoda also passed away that year, September 14, 1907, at the young age of 38 years.

Lucena Byrum

Lucena Caroline (Beardslee) Byrum was born March 20, 1882 in St. Clair County, Missouri. On October 1, 1909, she was united in marriage to widower E. E. Byrum, becoming his third wife. She also was another faithful worker at the Gospel Trumpet office. She was also the author of the words of song #150 in the Evening Light Songs hynmal, “My Heart’s Desire,” a song we yet sing so often today. Lucena passed away February 21, 1956, at the age of 73 in Anderson, Indiana. She is buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, Indiana, as well as her husband, E. E. Byrum, and his second wife, Rhoda. E. E. Byrum’s first wife, Celia, is buried in New Pittsburg Cemetery, New Pittsburg, Indiana.

E. E. Byrum passed away January 5, 1942, and the age of 80 years.