Noah & Isabel Byrum

Noah Byrum

Noah H. Byrum, brother of E. E. Byrum, was born October 28, 1871. He also began a career of working at the Gospel Trumpet publishing company in the year 1887. There he fell in love with another worker, Isabel Coston, and they were married on September 9, 1893. Both were active in the publishing work. Noah wrote the words to song #183 in Songs of the Evening Light, 1897, “Come, While He Is Calling,” and #5 in Truth in Song, 1907, “Memories of Galilee.” Also, Isabel wrote the words to #37, “Bless His Name,” #51, Oh, Let Us Sound the Praise,” #100, “What a Savior,” #105, “Awake! Thy Savior Heals,” and #226, “I Need Thee, Lord,” all published in Truth in Song, 1907. Isabel Byrum was also the author of a great number of outstanding books.

Isabel Byrum

Noah passed away on December 22, 1949, at the age of 78, and was buried in Anderson Memorial Park, Anderson, Indiana, beside his beloved wife, Isabel, who preceded him in death on August 25, 1938, aged 68. Isabel’s birth date was May 4, 1870.

Lucinda Byrum, mother of Noah H. Byrum